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McCain thinks the Iraq war is Noble? NOBLE?

This week John McCain called the war in Iraq a “noble cause.” Noble? NOBLE?!?! Let me get this straight: 1. The CIA helps Saddam Hussein take over Iraq, starting in 1963. 2. The CIA creates Al Qaeda to give the Russians trouble in Afghanistan. 3. The US spearheaded the United Nations effort to contain Iraq […]

Top 7 Ways of REALLY not Supporting the Troops

One of the most effective ways of restraining civil dissent and quelling criticism of government is to argue that any form of criticism of, or even open debate about, government policies is somehow unpatriotic or treason. This same strategy manifests itself in some religions where questioning or thinking critically about religious institutions is supposedly sinful. […]

Video Slideshow: Top 5 Heroes in the War on Bullshit

Now that the War on Bullshit has been officially declared, it is time to award some medals to comrades that have already distinguished themselves. I’ll start with two honorable mentions and then move on to the top 5. Honorable Mention: Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (MythBusters) For each episode of the TV series, Mythbusters, Adam […]

Prelude to an Attack on Iran… yeah, right

On Saturday, Time ran a story claiming that “the Bush Administration will put Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the terrorism list.” Supposedly, this “can be read in one of two ways: it’s either more bluster or, ominously, a wind-up for a strike on Iran.” Yes, the war on Iraq is just going so well […]