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Top 4 Ethical Reasons To Pirate Software

Software companies are throwing a collective tantrum about unauthorized downloading and use of their products. They accuse downloaders of violating copyrights and stealing their work. Due to the systematic bias in favor of corporations of North American law, the opposite case is rarely made. Namely, software companies are robbing their customers blind. Here are six […]

A Seven Step Program for Democracy 2.0

A while back, I described the fundamental problem with the political process: the systems comprising our society are designed, through laws, by a bunch of lawyers without expert knowledge in either the domains of interest or principles of design. For example, the education system is largely designed by the education act, which is written and […]

How to get Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate into OS x applications

iListen is bullshit. There, I said it. The accuracy rate isn’t nearly as good as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. So, I was determined to get Dragon working under OSx, and not just in virtualization. I wanted Dragon to dictate into Camino, Pages, Adium, etc. This how-to explains how I did it. Please bear with me, this is […]

Top Skills Wanted by Agile Employers

I’ve often read lists like this one, that suggest the skills IT employers want. Well, today at the Agile Vancouver conference, a room full of agile development employers was asked what they look for. I was expecting “machine learning,” “security,” “mobile applications,” and maybe “artificial intelligence.” Nope. Here is the list they gave: Understanding principles […]

Top 5 Reasons Software License Agreements are Unlawful

A Software License Agreement is a contract between a software producer and a software user that grants the user a license; an End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a Software License Agreement that indicates terms of use. EULAs are fine in principle, but the way many EULAs are written makes them legally meaningless, unenforceable nonsense. This […]