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When Ethics Committees Kill

Excellent piece on Bad Science about how ethics committees lead to real deaths of real patients due to delays and status quo effects.

Imaginary Existential Threats

Previously, I described eight possible events that would likely destroy civilization as we know it. These include diseases, climate change and nuclear war. Today, it’s time to take on “Imaginary Existential Threats” – those risks that are inflated by governments, special interest groups and the media, often for political reasons. 5. Mad Scientists I blame […]

Intelligent design not very intelligent

Ben Stein, of Ferris Bueller fame, has finally done something to make me forget how much I enjoyed his droning hilarity in that film. He has brought so-called intelligent design to the forefront of public conversation once more, reviving one of the most widely-accepted hoaxes in the history of mankind. This latest bit of nonsense […]

Critical Factors of Blog Advertising: Expertise, Intent and Involvement

I don’t blog for the money, but for those who do, purported online marketing gurus provide a proliferation of epistemically baseless, if not bogus, advice. I prefer recommendations with some data behind them. Recent research presented at the International Conference on Information Systems may be of interest. Researchers June Zhu and Bernard Tan of the […]

How to Read a Scientific Paper (Top Four Questions)

Do you know someone who has cancer and her treatment isn’t working? Do you know someone on psychiatric meds who is experiencing weird side effects? Do you know a business owner who’s struggling with decisions like whether to invest in high-tech equipment? Doctors are overworked and MBAs are poorly trained. If you want answers you’ve […]