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My Life as a 2X2 Matrix (pic)

Does this also describe your life?

New Years Resolution: Never Fly Air Canada Again.

I avoid Air Canada like a biblical plague, because every time I fly Air Canada, nearly everything goes wrong. It’s truly amazing AC hasn’t gone bankrupt. I recently tried to explain to this pathetic purveyor of human misery what they were doing wrong. Enjoy. Dear Air Canada, I fly Air Canada only when no other […]

5 Reasons to Build a Bunker

Since I assume most of the War on Bullshit readers (Warriors on Bullshit?) are at least fairly literate, I’m going to further assume you, like me, have always thought conservatives with bunkers are fucking nuts. Hey, it’s an easy assumption to make. They wear tin foil hats, have 300 guns, and probably engage in incest. […]

Top 7 Reasons Breaking Sports Records is B.S.

The big news in sports in the last few days has been Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s epic home run record: 755 career home runs. (For anyone who’s unfamiliar with baseball, a guy called the pitcher throws a hard round ball that this other guy, the batter, tries to hit with a big piece of […]