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The American Way: Three Absolutely Backasswards Practices

Have you ever watched the news, read the paper, or sat through a high school class, and wondered why the hell people in America seem to do everything completely backasswards? I suppose it’s no surprise that we do things backwards in a country whose administration thinks an unprovoked invasion is a form of defense, but […]

A Seven Step Program for Democracy 2.0

A while back, I described the fundamental problem with the political process: the systems comprising our society are designed, through laws, by a bunch of lawyers without expert knowledge in either the domains of interest or principles of design. For example, the education system is largely designed by the education act, which is written and […]

Fear loses. That’s a first.

Today the United States House of Representatives rejected a wall street bailout. It’s about fucking time is all I can say. For once, all the fear mongering/disaster predicting/doom and gloom smoke screen wasn’t thick enough to conceal the simple truth: the White House tried to use a moderate crisis to ram another power grab through […]

Why The World is So Screwed Up

Why is the healthcare industry hemorrhaging money? Why is the military being used to fight ideas, when ideas can’t be killed by bullets? Why is the legislature unable to make laws that make sense? How can 12 years of basic education produce an unthinking populace? How can a man believe in his god, but not […]

How the Software Industry Bitchslaps Tort Law into Submission

I’m short on time this week, so in lieu of a post, I give you Christopher Wright explaining the essence of End User License Agreements (through his mouthpiece, Viktor Schreck, the Vampire-lawyer). Click the pic for a larger version.

Guns, Bigger Guns and the NRA’s Bullshit

Today, I’m posting over on f*cking c*nts and you will find alphabitch’s (that’s her handle, not a pejorative) response here on The War on Bullshit. Here is an excerpt from my piece, Protection from our own Government: The Ridiculous Pretense for Gun Ownership. As far as I have seen, detractors of gun control advanced to […]

Dumb Southern Cop Tasered by Irate Druggie

We all know about cops abusing their Tasers. Well, it seems someone decided to give one Louisiana officer a taste of his own medicine. In Natchitoches, Louisiana, an unnamed officer was Tasered with his own ‘nonlethal’ weapon – though I’m sure while he had 50,000 volts burning through him he was crapping his pants and […]

Cause of Police Douchebaggery Identified

I think this explains it all: Judge Rules That Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores It’s not that they are allowed to exclude intelligent people, it’s that they want to exclude intelligent people so badly that they’ll spend a shit-ton of taxpayer money taking it to federal court. Is this supposed to mean that there’s […]

The Totally Bogus Argument for Throttling Internet Services

Bell insists that throttling Internet services is necessary. More specifically, Bell engages in “deep packet inspection,” which means they figure out what kind of data your downloading, and slow down the stuff they don’t like, i.e., peer-2-peer traffic. They argue that this is all for their customers: before traffic throttling, 5% of users ate 33% […]

The Fairness Doctrine: Controlling Thought and Expression

I am not often caught going after the left, guns blazing, but as someone with some experience as a radio host, I have to voice opposition to possibly the biggest idiocy in radio broadcasting: the Fairness Doctrine. Never heard of it? Let’s define this bit of garbage, first. Definition This is an ancient law that […]