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The American Work Ethic: Destroying Families for Decades

I recently had a discussion with a conservative acquaintance of mine about the nature of public assistance programs – him arguing that they are inherently evil, while I, of course, argued that they are absolutely necessary if a nation is to consider itself civilized. And of course, the issue that came up is what is […]

Who were the Terrorists Again?

During current Israeli invasion of Gaza, Israel has killed at least 919 people, including 284 children. Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, estimates vary from 250 000 to 1 000 000 dead Iraqis. So I ask you, who are the terrorists? Have Hamas or Hezbollah killed 284 innocent Israeli children? Did Saddam Hussein […]

America elects a black president… and racism still lives

Memorandum Date: Nov. 4, 2008 To: The World From: America Subject: Racism No Longer Exists Look out, world! America has grown up. That’s right. In case your third-rate newspapers skimmed over it, America elected its first black president. Or… part black president. Or maybe he’s a Muslim. I also heard that he once went to […]

Five More Good Reasons to Expatriate

Last week, I gave a few good reasons to get the hell out of America. Originally, I’d intended to keep the list down to five, but why stop there? There are almost as many reasons to expatriate as there are awesome facts about Chuck Norris. Here’s a few more: 1. You’ll have longer vacations… in […]

McCain thinks the Iraq war is Noble? NOBLE?

This week John McCain called the war in Iraq a “noble cause.” Noble? NOBLE?!?! Let me get this straight: 1. The CIA helps Saddam Hussein take over Iraq, starting in 1963. 2. The CIA creates Al Qaeda to give the Russians trouble in Afghanistan. 3. The US spearheaded the United Nations effort to contain Iraq […]

Five reasons why African-Americans don’t just ‘get over it’

Tuning into talk radio can sometimes be a mind-numbing task that significantly lowers one’s IQ, but I occasionally throw myself in front of the train and risk my intellect to see what folks out there are talking about. Unfortunately, when I turned my radio on this morning, people were talking about why black Americans should […]

5 Simple Economic Reasons that the Free Market Cannot Work

A prolific argument in society surrounds the issue of whether, and to what extent, to regulate the free market. Generally, right-wingers claim that a free market economy is good because it leads to a fair distribution of wealth and resources. Left wingers are for regulation, claiming it is necessary to even out market ups and […]

Atheism and moral relativism lead to tolerance, not immorality

I was recently told by a Christian that I, being an atheist, am intrinsically immoral, having nothing on which to base my morality. I think with the Pope’s recent visit to our fair shores, this is a great statement for me to sink my teeth into. For all you Christians who think atheists lack a […]

Is any Video Game as Violent as the Old Testament?

In a previous post, I identified a dialectic reasoning pattern I call the “new stupid” pattern. Here is another example. Old stupid argument: violent video games make children more dangerous and lead to fighting, gang violence, school shootings, etc. New stupid argument: its absurd that atomizing monsters with the BFG and sniping aliens would translate […]

Obama: Missing the Point or Playing Dumb?

Recently, Barrack Obama argued that homophobia was unchristian. This is another one of these “New Stupid” things I’ve been talking about. Here’s an analysis of anti-gay bible verses from the old and new testaments. It gives both pro- and anti-gay interpretations of each controversial verse. I think the anti-gay interpretations are clearly closer to the […]