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Eight Mental Mistakes Preventing us from Building Good Electric Vehicles

It’s hard for car companies to build electric vehicles because they’re wrapped up in car thinking instead of electric vehicle thinking. Cars, as in four-wheel vehicles that carry two to six passengers using power generated from internal combustion engines, are nothing like electric vehicles… at least not if we want the EVs to be any […]

Canadian University Bans Bottled Water

In the latest display of misplaced enviro-consciousness in Canada, a university, a school board and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities are pushing for bans on bottled water. I know what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to get people to stop drinking bottled water because it’s horribly inefficient compared to tap or filtered water. The […]

Kavan’s Top 5 Ways to Save Energy – The Big Picture

I’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news first: switching from incancesdents to CFLs is not going to halt climate change. Although I agree that they help and encourage people to try them, CFLs, biodiesel, weatherstripping and similar tactics only distract from the underlying causes of inefficiency. The good news is, sound strategies for […]

Five Good Reasons to Expatriate

Have you ever been in an argument with someone over some bullshit the U.S. government is doing (like invading sovereign nations), and the dipshit you’re debating tells you that you should be shipped off to some socialist/communist/Islamic/oppressive/European country? Next time that happens, maybe you should consider it a good idea and ship yourself off. Here’s […]

Big surprise: A Neocon Calls for War

Listening to the bullshit propoganda being spread in the current presidential race, I was just beginning to think neo-cons couldn’t get any dumber. Then I saw this headline and pissed myself: Neocons Call for U.S. to Launch War with Russia. That’s right, you heard me. Neocon leader William Kristol says we owe it to Georgia […]

Paris Hilton: From Porn Star to President

Well, I’ve finally found the presidential candidate for me, folks. I’ll give you a guess: she’s named after a city in France. You’ve probably already heard of the Paris Hilton response to a recent McCain ad criticizing Obama’s energy policy while showing images of Hilton and former pop star turned nutjob Britney Spears – both […]

Guest post delayed plus stupidity of the day

The guest post from alphabitch of awesome blog f*cking c*nts has been delayed until tomorrow. In the meantime, has anyone else noticed that whenever someone comes up with a perfectly good idea to save energy, some (usually republican) buzzkill points out that all by itself, this perfectly good idea can’t completely and utterly annihilate the […]