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More Proof Fundamentalists Can’t Read

As if it was needed, here’s a little more proof that the overly-religious are more prone to idiocy than other demographics. I don’t think it’s news to anyone that Wall Street is a mess right now; indeed, the nation and world are keeping a close eye on what is going on with the world’s economies. Well, one […]

Kavan’s Top 5 Ways to Save Energy – The Big Picture

I’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news first: switching from incancesdents to CFLs is not going to halt climate change. Although I agree that they help and encourage people to try them, CFLs, biodiesel, weatherstripping and similar tactics only distract from the underlying causes of inefficiency. The good news is, sound strategies for […]

Fear loses. That’s a first.

Today the United States House of Representatives rejected a wall street bailout. It’s about fucking time is all I can say. For once, all the fear mongering/disaster predicting/doom and gloom smoke screen wasn’t thick enough to conceal the simple truth: the White House tried to use a moderate crisis to ram another power grab through […]

Why The World is So Screwed Up

Why is the healthcare industry hemorrhaging money? Why is the military being used to fight ideas, when ideas can’t be killed by bullets? Why is the legislature unable to make laws that make sense? How can 12 years of basic education produce an unthinking populace? How can a man believe in his god, but not […]

Five More Good Reasons to Expatriate

Last week, I gave a few good reasons to get the hell out of America. Originally, I’d intended to keep the list down to five, but why stop there? There are almost as many reasons to expatriate as there are awesome facts about Chuck Norris. Here’s a few more: 1. You’ll have longer vacations… in […]

Four reasons China will own you, soon

A lot of folks are watching the escalation in terrorism along the Pakistani-Afghani border, the growing tension between Iran and Israel, and the pronounced anti-Americanism the world over, and they fear war. There is a movement of doomspeakers who believe our end is coming – or at least some turbulent years – where we will […]

The Three Things Governments Have to Run

Last week I wrote about the difference between big government and big market intervention. The purpose here is to change the debate from the impractical (should government be big or small?) to the useful (what services, exactly, should government run?) I promised an answer to the latter, more meaningful, question, and today I deliver. 1. […]

Government: Little Dude, Big Stick?

Comments on my recent post about problems with the Free Market = Fair Distribution Hypothesis have led me to an interesting conclusion: People confuse government size with degree of market interference. These are not the same thing. Libertarians seem to be for small government and low regulation, while socialists are for big government and high […]

The Gas Crisis: three reasons Americans should shut the f*** up

It’s the Fourth of July tomorrow, and as usual my *cough*patriotism*cough* manifests itself this week in the form of a critical, cynical look at problems this nation faces and why we are where we are as a nation. Americans like to spew the “greatest country on Earth” bit, but even the most patriotic of us […]

5 Simple Economic Reasons that the Free Market Cannot Work

A prolific argument in society surrounds the issue of whether, and to what extent, to regulate the free market. Generally, right-wingers claim that a free market economy is good because it leads to a fair distribution of wealth and resources. Left wingers are for regulation, claiming it is necessary to even out market ups and […]