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American Corporatism: An Abridged History

There is an idea that is pervasive in American capitalism that entrepreneurs are the great producers, great men who move the Earth through intelligence, perseverance, and creativity. You can hear it echoed from Ayn Rand to Ted Nugent: the executives are the people who produce and keep the world moving, while the knuckle-draggers shuffling to […]

The Corporate Whipping Boy

As I watch the situation with AIG and Congress unfold, I can’t help but think about the nature of corporations, and what will happen to people like Edward Liddy – the CEO who authorized $4 million bonuses for the executives in charge of the insurance company despite the failure of the corporation. Is it really […]

Top 4 Ethical Reasons To Pirate Software

Software companies are throwing a collective tantrum about unauthorized downloading and use of their products. They accuse downloaders of violating copyrights and stealing their work. Due to the systematic bias in favor of corporations of North American law, the opposite case is rarely made. Namely, software companies are robbing their customers blind. Here are six […]

Bill of Rights for Airline Passengers

Now this gives me hope. You know how if your flight is cancelled due to weather, or if the airline overbooks your flight, you’re basically screwed? Well, maybe not for long. Canadian politician Jim Maloway is proposing to increase consumer protection for airline travelers. This is critically important in countries like Canada where air travel […]

Kavan’s Top 5 Ways to Save Energy – The Big Picture

I’ve got good news and bad news. Bad news first: switching from incancesdents to CFLs is not going to halt climate change. Although I agree that they help and encourage people to try them, CFLs, biodiesel, weatherstripping and similar tactics only distract from the underlying causes of inefficiency. The good news is, sound strategies for […]

Why The World is So Screwed Up

Why is the healthcare industry hemorrhaging money? Why is the military being used to fight ideas, when ideas can’t be killed by bullets? Why is the legislature unable to make laws that make sense? How can 12 years of basic education produce an unthinking populace? How can a man believe in his god, but not […]

How the Software Industry Bitchslaps Tort Law into Submission

I’m short on time this week, so in lieu of a post, I give you Christopher Wright explaining the essence of End User License Agreements (through his mouthpiece, Viktor Schreck, the Vampire-lawyer). Click the pic for a larger version.

The Gas Crisis: three reasons Americans should shut the f*** up

It’s the Fourth of July tomorrow, and as usual my *cough*patriotism*cough* manifests itself this week in the form of a critical, cynical look at problems this nation faces and why we are where we are as a nation. Americans like to spew the “greatest country on Earth” bit, but even the most patriotic of us […]

5 Simple Economic Reasons that the Free Market Cannot Work

A prolific argument in society surrounds the issue of whether, and to what extent, to regulate the free market. Generally, right-wingers claim that a free market economy is good because it leads to a fair distribution of wealth and resources. Left wingers are for regulation, claiming it is necessary to even out market ups and […]

Ski-Doo Spontaneously Explodes – Not a Warranty Issue (PICS)

In the small, northern town of Hopedale, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, lives one of my closest friends: a school teacher named Jon Garland. Jon is not very happy. He’s not very happy because, on March 25th, 2008, Jon Garland’s Bombardier 2006 Expedition 550 Ski-Doo Exploded. And here’s the best part: when Jon first called Bombardier, […]