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Guest post delayed plus stupidity of the day

The guest post from alphabitch of awesome blog f*cking c*nts has been delayed until tomorrow. In the meantime, has anyone else noticed that whenever someone comes up with a perfectly good idea to save energy, some (usually republican) buzzkill points out that all by itself, this perfectly good idea can’t completely and utterly annihilate the […]

The Dark Knight: ZERO Chance of Becoming Top Grossing Film

Check back tomorrow for a special guest post by alphabitch, writer of awesome no-BS blog, f*cking c*nts. She and I will be doing a point/counter-point thing with her post here, and my post on f*cking c*nts. In the meantime, I’d just like to point out that all this talk of The Dark Knight becoming the […]

Vacation, Procrastination and Fire

Well it’s nice to see the site back up. After a short vacation, and a long stint of not having time to breath let alone write, I was just about to post a piece trashing the right-wing’s selective ignorance of economics when my host experienced a fire. That is, a literal, holy-shit-the-servers-are-melting FIRE. I think […]

Moving to a New Server

After The War on Bullshit got 110 000 hits in its first month, I decided to move to an independent host and put a little more work into the look and feel of the site. Now that its been moved to its new home, with associated new look, feel free to let me know how […]