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Minor Catastrophe – Still recovering

Dear Reader, Apparently my hosting provider hijacked the blog and sent all my traffic to some scam/spam site. Please be patient while I recover the site over the next few days. In other news, stay the hell away from NoAdsFree.com. It’s a scam. -KW

Apologies for Down Time

Dear Reader, My apologies for the recent downtime of the War on Bullshit blog. The traffic from my last post (12 Bonehead Misconceptions of Computer Science Professors) blew my bandwidth allocation and I didn’t notice until yesterday (thanks Michelle!). Just my luck that one of my posts would get popular just when I’m ignoring my […]

WordPress upgrade broke Syndication (RSS feeds)

IT seems that upgrading to WordPress 2.8 a few weeks ago broke my RSS feeds. It should be fixed now. *Please* let me know in the comments if you notice any problems. For the more technically inclined, the problem occurs when using the adsense deluxe plugin to include google ads within posts. The javascript that […]

New Theme

The War on Bullshit is in the process of moving to a new theme. Please be patient while we work the bugs out. If you have any feedback on the new look, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear it.

The Corporate Whipping Boy

As I watch the situation with AIG and Congress unfold, I can’t help but think about the nature of corporations, and what will happen to people like Edward Liddy – the CEO who authorized $4 million bonuses for the executives in charge of the insurance company despite the failure of the corporation. Is it really […]

Four More Reasons Why Your Kids Might Be Stupid

After a week or so of computer woes, I’m back, ready to take aim at the American education model once more. A couple of weeks ago, I observed a few fundamental flaws in the way we teach our kids. Here’s a few more crucial ways we make our kids, and our adults, stupid. 4. Not everyone […]

The American Way: Three Absolutely Backasswards Practices

Have you ever watched the news, read the paper, or sat through a high school class, and wondered why the hell people in America seem to do everything completely backasswards? I suppose it’s no surprise that we do things backwards in a country whose administration thinks an unprovoked invasion is a form of defense, but […]

Three Quotes That Prove Bush Can See the Future

As the world anxiously awaits the arrival of a new American president, welcome the ceaseless examinations of Dubya’s failed presidency: what will his legacy be? ask the reporters at CNN; I think historians will be kinder to him! cry the pundits at Fox; who the fuck is going to pay this douche to tour colleges […]

Google announces $10 million in funding for YOU, if you know how to help enough people

It’s called Project 10 to the 100, and it’s like an open X-Prize for any idea that can help lots and lots of people. A few posts ago, I identified what may be the root cause of our society’s ubiquitous problems. Reader jonathan quite rightly commented: “Flawless description of a problem…but no solution?” Now, with […]

Five Good Reasons to Expatriate

Have you ever been in an argument with someone over some bullshit the U.S. government is doing (like invading sovereign nations), and the dipshit you’re debating tells you that you should be shipped off to some socialist/communist/Islamic/oppressive/European country? Next time that happens, maybe you should consider it a good idea and ship yourself off. Here’s […]