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Minor Catastrophe – Still recovering

by Kavan Wolfe (published on Mar 25)

Dear Reader,

Apparently my hosting provider hijacked the blog and sent all my traffic to some scam/spam site. Please be patient while I recover the site over the next few days.

In other news, stay the hell away from NoAdsFree.com. It’s a scam.


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  1. Blago says:

    Hey mate,

    I really enjoyed reading the article on how problematic the approach on morality and ethics was, at the end you mentioned something about a next one outlining a better approach which seems like the holly graal to me.

    I’d love to read one, can we hope on one coming in the way?


  2. kevin says:

    you sir are a bigtime faggot

    good luck getting out of your slump though

  3. Kavan Wolfe says:

    @Blago and Kevin,

    New articles are coming now, though on a somewhat sporadic basis. I’m still working on the ethics post. That one seemed to run away with itself.

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