Take No Prisoners

The Party of Lincoln and the Party of Limbaugh

Below is a short note I wrote to Megan McCain, the daughter of former presidential contender Jon McCain. I have a hunch that she will become very important over the next few years.

Dear Megan,

It seems to me that you are fixing to drag the Republican Party kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. For this I applaud you. However, the Republican Party consists of a precarious alliance between the Party of Lincoln (social progressives / fiscal conservatives) and the Party of Limbaugh (lunatics). To succeed in your endeavor, you will have to take the former to war with the latter.

To truly win, you will have to understand why many people in Canada and Europe, and many educated people the world over, view The Democratic Party as a group of conservatives, and the Republican Party as a group of fascist theocrats. You seem like a very bright young woman. I strongly recommend that you read The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein. When you understand why Klein calls Republicanism a mental disease, you will have a much better chance at clearing a way forward.

–Kavan Wolfe

Let’s hope she actually reads her email.