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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Top Eight *Real* Existential Threats to Humanity

We know that people have trouble evaluating risks. (To be more precise, people have trouble with conditional probability) One way this manifests itself is in society‚Äôs preoccupation with dramatic but minor threats (like terrorism) while less dramatic (or more abstract), but much more serious threats are ignored. Here are eight bona fide existential threats to […]

The Party of Lincoln and the Party of Limbaugh

Below is a short note I wrote to Megan McCain, the daughter of former presidential contender Jon McCain. I have a hunch that she will become very important over the next few years. Dear Megan, It seems to me that you are fixing to drag the Republican Party kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. […]

Jessie Ventura for President

Just watch Jesse Ventura tell it like it is to Larry King, then smack down Sean Hannity and finally make a fool out of that cunt on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The Central Theme of your Thesis (comic + comment)

If you’ve gone to grad school, particularly for a PhD, this may ring true for you. The strange thing is, grad schools seem to be constructed around the assumption that grad students are desperately inept and have no idea what they want to do for their thesis or beyond. This premise has so profoundly affected […]