Take No Prisoners

United Nations Hijacked by Religious Whackjobs… jumps shark

This is just fucking crazy. On March 26th, the U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a non-binding resolution calling “defamation of religion” a human rights violation.

I don’t think so. When, under Islamic law, Saudi Arabia beats a woman half to death and then throws her in jail for the heinous crime of being gang-raped, that’s a human rights violation. When Christian fundamentalists dehumanize and incite hatred against homosexuals in a misanthropic crusade against gay marriage, that’s a human rights violation. When Israeli troops murder 960 civilians and use civilians as human shields because Israel refuses to give up part of the holy land, that’s a human rights violation. When the Catholic Church tolerates and covers up the molestation and rape of young boys by priests, that’s a human rights violation.

When I say that religions breed intolerance, injustice and a host of diabolical, megalomaniacal motherfuckers, I am stating an empirical fact. If the UN wants to call that a human rights violation, they only serve to delegitimize whatever claim they may have had to moral authority.