Take No Prisoners

The Blagojevich Bait and Switch

Recently, Illinois governor Rod “legohair” Blagojevich was arrested on federal corruption charges for allegedly conspiring to sell a senate seat. Long story short, he was impeached.

Enter the bullshit.

Legohair went on a TV blitz claiming that his impeachment proceedings was a kangaroo court where he wasn’t allowed to defend himself. Rightfully, he claims that he shouldn’t be thrown out of office on accusations alone, and he has yet to be convicted of anything. He actually convinced leagues of empty headed journalists, like Geraldo Rivera, to rally behind him.

In a sense, conflating impeachment hearings with a trial was a brilliant political move, but in another sense, what kind of idiot reporters would go along with this? The purpose of an impeachment is to remove an incompetent politician from office. The fundamental principle of democracy is that the public choses it’s leaders. This corruption charge was just the shit icing on the rotten-corpse-cake. Legohair’s popularity is somewhere between that slime that accumulates at the corners of your mouth when you’re really thirsty and prostate cancer.

The people don’t want him in office anymore. That’s all the reason anyone should need to boot him out. It’s not about guilt, it’s about (un-)popularity.

Federal Court, on the other hand, will be about guilt.

P.S. In sensible countries you just hold a no-confidence vote to boot out unpopular leaders. “Impeachment” is a farcical, largely undemocratic feature of pseudo-democracies like the US where people in power think they’re dictators until the next election.

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