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Top 10 Reasons Why Obama will Fail

Barrack Obama seems like a pretty competent guy, and if I were a US citizen, I would have voted for him. But now that his surreal inauguration is over, it’s time for a dose of reality. Much of the US populace have hung their hopes and dreams on this one man’s shoulders, but I can think of at least 10 reasons he’s doomed to fail.

1. We don’t even know what ‘success means.’

America is a society in decline. It’s not one thing, it’s everything. Obama is not just being asked to ‘fight terrorism’ or ‘fix the economy’ (as meaningless as those statements are, if you think about it). He’s being asked to halt and reverse the decline of American society: economically, morally and internationally. How the hell are we supposed to know when to hang the mission accomplished banner for this one?

2. There are too many big problems

Let’s count ‘em: 1, the economy, 2, war in Iraq, 3, war in afghanistan, 4, instability of the middle east (especially Israel), 5, corruption in washington, 6, illegal immigration, 7, ridiculous drug policy, 8, racism, 9, overcrowded prisons, 10, crumbling infrastructure, 11, persecution of minorities (gay is the new black), 12, unaffordable healthcare… I could go on.

3. Everyone is focused on the wrong problems

The problems I just listed are not actually the ‘real’ problems, where by ‘real’ I mean the underlying causes of the decline of the United States. Those are mere symptoms of the true problems: 1) The political system (democracy) is fundamentally broken, 2) the system of laws is fundamentally broken, 3) the education system is fundamentally broken, and 4) the economy is imaginary.

4. Obama is too conservative

Obama is not a liberal. He claims he’s a moderate, but in the US ‘moderate’ means you’re somewhere between the Conservative Party (Democrats) and the Facist Theocracy Party (Republicans). The conservative doctrine of corporatism and basing public policy on religion has fundamentally failed and must be rejected before real progress can ensue.

5. These problems can’t be solved by moderation (e.g. prosecuting war crimes)

Being a moderate, Obama does and will resist taking radical actions (e.g. voting for the FISA bill to give telecoms immunity for illegally spying on ALL american citizens). Unfortunately, halting the moral decline of the US requires demonstrating that no one is above the law. And that means prosecuting the telecoms for violation of privacy and the bush administration for the war crimes to which they’ve already CONFESSED.

6. The forces of stupidity have already aligned against him

The GOP is already trying to block and delay Obama’s nominations, including Hilary Clinton. Obama’s going to have the people he wants whether the Republicans like it or not. That’s what being in power means. They’re just being difficult for the sake of slowing him down.

7. People don’t forgive

The United States has been the largest purveyor of international terrorism for decades. (Don’t believe me? Read Chomsky). That’s pissed off a whole lot of people. They aren’t all going to just let it go.

8. Corporatism

Washington puts business first. This caused many of the current crises and this policy of trickle-down economics has to go before anything is going to get fixed. That means no more bailouts. But Obama isn’t going to abandon corporatism because he’ll get slaughtered in the media, most of the populace is too ignorant to understand that it’s necessary, and a whole lot of very powerful people will get very angry.

9. Obama either lacks convictions or courage

Obama has reversed his position on gay marriage and shied away from definitively stating that if the previous administration had committed war crimes, they would be tried. There are only two explanations for this: 1) he lacks convictions, or 2) he lacks the courage to stand by them.

10. Competition from other countries

The rest of the world (read ‘China, India and the European Union’) are not going to sit around and facilitate America’s return to imperialism (what Obama calls “world leadership”). Other countries are not going to give up their hard-earned power without a fight. They will not stand by and relinquish their power back to a US pseudodictatorship.

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