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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Bill of Rights for Airline Passengers

Now this gives me hope. You know how if your flight is cancelled due to weather, or if the airline overbooks your flight, you’re basically screwed? Well, maybe not for long. Canadian politician Jim Maloway is proposing to increase consumer protection for airline travelers. This is critically important in countries like Canada where air travel […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Obama will Fail

Barrack Obama seems like a pretty competent guy, and if I were a US citizen, I would have voted for him. But now that his surreal inauguration is over, it’s time for a dose of reality. Much of the US populace have hung their hopes and dreams on this one man’s shoulders, but I can […]

3 Reasons Your Kids Are Probably Stupid

Ever notice how ninety percent of the people you meet on a daily basis are fucking morons? It’s kind of a no-brainer to assume most of society will be functionally retarded if your entire educational system is broken, designed to produce perfect citizens, instead of developing a love of learning and fostering intellectual growth in […]

8 Years of Tyranny and Incompetence in 8 minutes

In the following video, Keith Olbermann summarizes the damning historical case against the Bush Administration. Many years from now, museums and history professors my play this tape in memorial to the effects of voting for someone you’d like to have a BBQ with, instead of someone with morals and brains. Only Americans would elect a […]

The American Way: Three Absolutely Backasswards Practices

Have you ever watched the news, read the paper, or sat through a high school class, and wondered why the hell people in America seem to do everything completely backasswards? I suppose it’s no surprise that we do things backwards in a country whose administration thinks an unprovoked invasion is a form of defense, but […]

Who were the Terrorists Again?

During current Israeli invasion of Gaza, Israel has killed at least 919 people, including 284 children. Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, estimates vary from 250 000 to 1 000 000 dead Iraqis. So I ask you, who are the terrorists? Have Hamas or Hezbollah killed 284 innocent Israeli children? Did Saddam Hussein […]

Three Quotes That Prove Bush Can See the Future

As the world anxiously awaits the arrival of a new American president, welcome the ceaseless examinations of Dubya’s failed presidency: what will his legacy be? ask the reporters at CNN; I think historians will be kinder to him! cry the pundits at Fox; who the fuck is going to pay this douche to tour colleges […]

For Their Own Sake, Let Them FAIL.

Many of my friends are teachers – some high school, some junior high, a couple in primary/elementary education. Lately, they have alerted me to a very disturbing trend: in Canada, students are no longer allowed to fail. Students don’t repeat grades anymore. This is causing a serious problem. Some high school seniors lack fundamental skills. […]

New Years Resolution: Never Fly Air Canada Again.

I avoid Air Canada like a biblical plague, because every time I fly Air Canada, nearly everything goes wrong. It’s truly amazing AC hasn’t gone bankrupt. I recently tried to explain to this pathetic purveyor of human misery what they were doing wrong. Enjoy. Dear Air Canada, I fly Air Canada only when no other […]