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Open Letter to the CRTC regarding Net Neutrality

Today, the headline read, “CRTC allows Bell to continue internet throttling.”

What the hell were you thinking? Do you have anybody at the CRTC who has a clue about Net Neutrality??? The telecoms are trying to hijack control of the Internet to make money off the people. They want to turn the Internet into a broadcast medium, like television, where the voice of the people is drowned out by the manipulative ranting of corporations. They will accomplish this by making user generated content harder and more expensive to access than their own content, in any way they can.

Don’t you understand that the free flow of information on the internet is directly connected to the education and health of Canadians and to our democratic process? In the recent US elections, for example, it wasn’t CNN and NBC that fact-checked and debunked the flood of propoganda from the political campaigns; it was tens of thousands of interested individual, all of whose voices could be heard in the democratic meritocracy that typifies the Internet. By giving Bell and other telecoms the right to manipulate Internet, you undermine this freedom, and hence democracy itself. Democracy cannot function in the wake of the flood of disinformation that powerful, wealthy people and corporations can produce.

The Internet is the great leveler – the place where anyone can publish for pennies. And you, YOU!, are destroying it.

How can you allow a near-monopoly like Bell to continue unregulated? Don’t you understand that Bell has its profits, not the good of the people, in mind? Don’t you understand that giving telecoms power of the Internet just increases the divide between the powerful and the individual, decreases social mobility, undermines everything we have achieved with the Internet so far? We don’t owe the telecoms for the Internet. They didn’t create it. It was Tim Berners Lee and Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf and many others like them.

Why don’t you understand that allowing huge corporations to screw with what people can and cannot do online – even allowing corporations to spy on what people do online – disempowers the people? Why don’t you understand that giving corporations increased power without regulation or competition is a bad idea? This is Economics 101.

It’s a simple fucking concept. Stop taking power from the people and giving it to corporations!

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