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Gain 34 lbs of Muscle in 28 Days – How? Double Leg Amputation?

In May 2007, I began experimenting with a fitness program advocated by Tim Ferris, a program with which he claims to have “gained 34 lbs. of muscle, while losing 3 lbs. of fat, in 28 days” while working out only 1 hour per week. If you’re thinking, that has to be bullshit, you are correct.

I followed his six basic principles precisely for more than a year. I tried several combinations of multijoint exercises with both weight-gain and weight-loss diets (both highly nutritious). I even recorded myself counting out 120 seconds so I could listen to the count at the gym to be sure of getting the 5-5 cadence exactly. And nobody in the gym pushes harder than I do.

In that time, I gained fat, lost muscle and experienced a drop of more than 15% in overall strength. I lost three inches on my chest and gained an inch and a half on my waist.

About a month ago, I went back to an olympic lifting exercise routine. On this new program I’m starting to return to my previous strength and have gained muscle and lost fat. Improvements in the lats and traps have been especially visible.

I’m not saying the Ferris’s claims about his own results are inaccurate and I’m not claiming that olympic lifting is good for everyone. I AM claiming that Ferris’s implication that you can get similar results using the method he describes is a rancid heap of elephant shit. He’s leaving something out. If I were to guess I would say that Ferris either:

  • took steroids
  • took human growth hormone
  • is genetically gifted when it comes to gaining muscle
  • or, most likely, all of the above
  • Note that while he recruited a scientist to verify his muscle gain, he did not have anyone test him for supplements, legal and otherwise.

    The point is, whatever enabled Ferris to enjoy such fantastic results is not contained in the six points he listed.

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