Take No Prisoners

Google announces $10 million in funding for YOU, if you know how to help enough people

It’s called Project 10 to the 100, and it’s like an open X-Prize for any idea that can help lots and lots of people.

A few posts ago, I identified what may be the root cause of our society’s ubiquitous problems. Reader jonathan quite rightly commented: “Flawless description of a problem…but no solution?” Now, with the help of several friends and colleagues, I am putting together a proposal for the solution, which we will be submitting to Project 10 to the 100. Wish me luck, and submit your own proposals. May the most beneficial win.

In the meantime, I’d just like to point out that how far ahead in the polls Senator Obama is, is not the most important story. If Obama thinks that all he has to do to become president is win the election, he’d better think again. The upcoming US election is rigged. Here’s the evidence that’s come up lately:

Diebold has admitted it’s e-voting machines are faulty.

Furthermore, GOP security expert Stephen Spoonamore has explained in blood-curling detail how his own party is going to steal the election using the problems in these machines.

A new Brennan Center report has found that the way states remove names from voter lists has become “vulnerable to manipulation.” (summary)

The Department of Justice is putting on the pressure for voter purging.

In Michigan and who knows where else, the GOP is trying to stop victims of foreclosures from voting – because the poor are obviously not real citizens. Right.

It appears Obama’s team is seeking an injunction to stop this undemocratic voter purging.

And that’s just the things they’ve been caught doing…