Take No Prisoners

Fear loses. That’s a first.

Today the United States House of Representatives rejected a wall street bailout. It’s about fucking time is all I can say. For once, all the fear mongering/disaster predicting/doom and gloom smoke screen wasn’t thick enough to conceal the simple truth: the White House tried to use a moderate crisis to ram another power grab through the legislature. Make no mistake, this bailout bill was not about preserving the economy, it was about giving unelected, incompetent cronies near unlimited power and money to wreak whatever havoc they so choose. Don’t believe me? Read the bill.

What kind of dumbass country can pull together $700 billion dollars to keep the finance industry afloat, but let’s children die on hospital floors because ‘universal healthcare is too expensive?’ So if you’re upset that bill didn’t pass, I’ve got news for you, this is the most progressive step the US has taken in the last 7 years.

Now a quick lesson in stock market thinking: you make money in the stock market when you buy low and sell high. The markets are currently LOW. Ergo…

Think about it.