Take No Prisoners

The 6 Dumbest Old Sayings I Learned in School

The extent of bullshit spouted by teachers and parents to unsuspecting children is astounding. Here are six of the dumbest sayings I remember from that 13-year brainwashing session we call public school.

6. Everything in moderation

How about cancer? This is based on the observation that many things that are good for you in small amounts are bad for you in large amounts (like alcohol). But lots of things are all risk, no benefits in any amount. Things like drinking and driving, cigarettes and trans fats.

5. Forgive and forget

Forgiving people does not rehabilitate them. If someone screwed you before, forgetting about it only gives them a chance to screw you again

4. It’s never too late to correct a mistake

Tell that to the families of the soldiers killed in Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the stupid wars in living memory.

3. Violence doesn’t solve anything

If some guy breaks into my house to hurt me or my family, we’ll just see whether violence solves the problem.

2. It takes two to fight

But it only takes one to lay a one-sided beating.

1. What you don’t know can’t hurt you

Unless, perhaps, it’s an oncoming bus.

Know a another dumb saying? Post it in the comments.