Take No Prisoners

Four reasons China will own you, soon

A lot of folks are watching the escalation in terrorism along the Pakistani-Afghani border, the growing tension between Iran and Israel, and the pronounced anti-Americanism the world over, and they fear war. There is a movement of doomspeakers who believe our end is coming – or at least some turbulent years – where we will be forced to continue fighting in the Middle East.

I’m not one of them. Here’s what I’m afraid of: innovation. I don’t fear us being attacked by disorganized fundamental religious nuts from the desert; I fear a much quieter and more subtle threat. America may fall, but it won’t be through force of arms; we’ll just be left in the dust technologically and then methodically bought out by Eastern Asia. Don’t believe me? Here’s a few reasons why Eastern Asia, in particular China, will own your ass soon.

4. Eastern Asia has more meat.

They simply have so many people in parts of Eastern Asia, that they don’t have to worry about preserving the life and good health of their workforce. They can just replace them. Same goes for military might. Allied military leaders during World War II thought the Russians were bad, sending legions of cannon fodder until the bodies just piled up and they had to climb over them to keep attacking. There are enough people in China that their top 25% in just about any field outnumber the U.S. and Canada combined. There’s no shortage of muscle and meat in the Far East.

3. China has a lot of damn money.

To give you an idea, here’s the top four economies in the world: the United States, Japan, Germany and China, in that order. But here’s the difference between China and the the rest of us: they are rapidly growing. While the United States’ GDP has continued steadily to grow in small increments, China’s GDP growth in 2007 was 11.4%, compared to our 2.2%.

There is also the concern of public debt. The US owes about 9 trillion dollars to the rest of the world, mainly China. I’m not as strong on economics as Kavan, perhaps, but these are disturbing trends to see. China expands, while we stagnate. Wonderful.

2. We are a bunch of lazy hedonists who have forgotten how to do anything.

Just think about this: Steve in Oklahoma thinks guitar is real damn cool. He goes to a friend’s house, picks up his guitar, and realizes whoa, this crap’s hard. I’m not gonna learn this. Instead, he gets his parents to buy him Guitar Hero and becomes a master of the little-plastic-Fisher-Price-pseudoguitar-thingy. Meanwhile, in China, Steve’s counterpart isn’t playing guitar or Guitar Hero. He’s probably working in the factory that produces Guitar Hero, making the brainrot American kids consume on a daily basis.

How many 16-year-olds do you see anymore working to pay for their car, or trying to save money to go to college in a few short years? Not too damn many. Half our citizenry doesn’t ever have a source of employment before finishing their B.A. – paid for by mommy and daddy.

This is not the case in Eastern Asia. Reading census data from the People’s Republic is an interesting thing; one thing you may notice is that when the labor force is examined, it is from age 15 and up. That’s because 15 is the age these people start working. I’m not for shipping our kids off to the mines at 12, but you know what? Take away the video games, make them mow the damn lawn, and for God’s sake don’t give them some stupid idea that they should never have to work before graduating college.

1. Wal-Mart is gonna sell us out.

When was the last time something you bought at Wal-Mart said “Made in America” on it? Probably a long time ago, since about 70% of products sold at Wal-Mart are made in China. According to another report, Wal-Mart has exported about 1.5 million jobs to China. How are they an American company? So one of our country’s largest employers isn’t even remotely American anymore, great. You might think I’m a nutso conspiracy theorist, but picture this and tell me it’s not frightening:¬†straw rice-field hats on smiley faces.