Take No Prisoners

Dumb Southern Cop Tasered by Irate Druggie

We all know about cops abusing their Tasers. Well, it seems someone decided to give one Louisiana officer a taste of his own medicine.

In Natchitoches, Louisiana, an unnamed officer was Tasered with his own ‘nonlethal’ weapon – though I’m sure while he had 50,000 volts burning through him he was crapping his pants and wondering just how nonlethal these things really are, in light of past police brutality cases involving the stun guns. It appears that the suspect, Marcus Slaughter,┬ámade an attempt at running away, and the dedicated officer caught up to him. Bad idea.

Slaughter disarmed the officer and Tasered him with the weapon. This guy is my new hero – if he wasn’t a drug-addicted, lunatic redneck, I mean. It appears codeine dealers are good for something, though.

Seriously, though, what do cops expect? There was a time when running from the cops was dumb as hell – it’s what got you beat down, Mr. T-style. Now, though, it’s the folks who are already in custody, handcuffed, that the cops decide to brutalize.

Now, it almost feels more sensible to fight back. Screw getting beat up without a fight. Taze the cops.