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Kite Runner Kid Abandoned by Paramount

Apparently, Zekeria Ebrahimi,, one of the Afghan children who was in the film The Kite Runner “has become the target of gangs who say that the film denigrates the Afghan culture… threatened to kill Zekeria for appearing in the movie and a … attempted to force their way into [his family’s] home.”

Consultant Rich Klein (whose title at Paramount is probably Chief Douchebag Officer) said that Zekeria’s family needs to be realistic about what paramount can do for them.

Paramount made 1 and a half BILLION dollars last year on box-office receipts alone. The Kite Runner made $72 million all by itself! What, they couldn’t cough up a few plane tickets from Afghanistan to Holywood and give Zekeria’s mother a job cleaning one of their studios?

May you awake writhing in pain, impaled on on a spear of your own hypocrisy, Mr. Klein.

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