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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Four Simple Truths that Undermine Software Architecture

The obsession with architecture in software development is straining credibility to the extent of absurdity. There are serious problems with the notion of architecture as used in the software development community. 1. The Architecture Layer is Arbitrary. The software design is the totality of design choices that have been made, where a design choice assigns […]

Four reasons China will own you, soon

A lot of folks are watching the escalation in terrorism along the Pakistani-Afghani border, the growing tension between Iran and Israel, and the pronounced anti-Americanism the world over, and they fear war. There is a movement of doomspeakers who believe our end is coming – or at least some turbulent years – where we will […]

McCain thinks the Iraq war is Noble? NOBLE?

This week John McCain called the war in Iraq a “noble cause.” Noble? NOBLE?!?! Let me get this straight: 1. The CIA helps Saddam Hussein take over Iraq, starting in 1963. 2. The CIA creates Al Qaeda to give the Russians trouble in Afghanistan. 3. The US spearheaded the United Nations effort to contain Iraq […]

Dumb Southern Cop Tasered by Irate Druggie

We all know about cops abusing their Tasers. Well, it seems someone decided to give one Louisiana officer a taste of his own medicine. In Natchitoches, Louisiana, an unnamed officer was Tasered with his own ‘nonlethal’ weapon – though I’m sure while he had 50,000 volts burning through him he was crapping his pants and […]

The Three Things Governments Have to Run

Last week I wrote about the difference between big government and big market intervention. The purpose here is to change the debate from the impractical (should government be big or small?) to the useful (what services, exactly, should government run?) I promised an answer to the latter, more meaningful, question, and today I deliver. 1. […]

5 Reasons Patriotism is a BS Qualification for Office

Maybe those of you not living in caves have heard that there’s been quite a bit of questioning of presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama’s patriotism. That’s right: Americans just aren’t sure Barack Obama is patriotic enough. This all started with the matter of an American flag lapel pin which Obama refused to wear, saying it […]

Government: Little Dude, Big Stick?

Comments on my recent post about problems with the Free Market = Fair Distribution Hypothesis have led me to an interesting conclusion: People confuse government size with degree of market interference. These are not the same thing. Libertarians seem to be for small government and low regulation, while socialists are for big government and high […]

Kite Runner Kid Abandoned by Paramount

Apparently, Zekeria Ebrahimi,, one of the Afghan children who was in the film The Kite Runner “has become the target of gangs who say that the film denigrates the Afghan culture… threatened to kill Zekeria for appearing in the movie and a … attempted to force their way into [his family’s] home.” Consultant Rich Klein […]

The Gas Crisis: three reasons Americans should shut the f*** up

It’s the Fourth of July tomorrow, and as usual my *cough*patriotism*cough* manifests itself this week in the form of a critical, cynical look at problems this nation faces and why we are where we are as a nation. Americans like to spew the “greatest country on Earth” bit, but even the most patriotic of us […]