Take No Prisoners

Cause of Police Douchebaggery Identified

I think this explains it all:

Judge Rules That Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores

It’s not that they are allowed to exclude intelligent people, it’s that they want to exclude intelligent people so badly that they’ll spend a shit-ton of taxpayer money taking it to federal court.

Is this supposed to mean that there’s not room for one genius anywhere in the police force? Because that would sure as hell explain:

1) why white-collar and computer crime (like online extortion, not Metallica fans) is rarely prosecuted

2) why so many crimes go unsolved

3) why organized crime has flourished

4) people getting Tased for crimes like laughing and not speaking English

5) the police force’s serially-demonstrated inability to eliminate internal corruption

6) officers who do not understand people’s rights

7) sexual harassment of prostitutes and prisoners

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