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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dear Seal Hunt Protesters: Shut the F*** Up.

That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Every year there’s a fresh outcry about the seal hunt. And every year the same old bullshit arguments get dragged up. 1st Bullshit Argument: The seal hunt is barbaric. There are four approved methods of slaughtering livestock in the US: 1. asphyxiation (you know, take away their oxygen) […]

Atheism and moral relativism lead to tolerance, not immorality

I was recently told by a Christian that I, being an atheist, am intrinsically immoral, having nothing on which to base my morality. I think with the Pope’s recent visit to our fair shores, this is a great statement for me to sink my teeth into. For all you Christians who think atheists lack a […]

The Totally Bogus Argument for Throttling Internet Services

Bell insists that throttling Internet services is necessary. More specifically, Bell engages in “deep packet inspection,” which means they figure out what kind of data your downloading, and slow down the stuff they don’t like, i.e., peer-2-peer traffic. They argue that this is all for their customers: before traffic throttling, 5% of users ate 33% […]

The Fairness Doctrine: Controlling Thought and Expression

I am not often caught going after the left, guns blazing, but as someone with some experience as a radio host, I have to voice opposition to possibly the biggest idiocy in radio broadcasting: the Fairness Doctrine. Never heard of it? Let’s define this bit of garbage, first. Definition This is an ancient law that […]

Is any Video Game as Violent as the Old Testament?

In a previous post, I identified a dialectic reasoning pattern I call the “new stupid” pattern. Here is another example. Old stupid argument: violent video games make children more dangerous and lead to fighting, gang violence, school shootings, etc. New stupid argument: its absurd that atomizing monsters with the BFG and sniping aliens would translate […]

Three Simple Reasons Not to Arm College Kids

Once again, public policy is being manipulated by people who watch too many action movies. In light of the recent events at Virginia Tech, a number of states, including Virginia and Louisiana, unfortunately my home-state, are considering a brilliant new law to deal with the problem of shootings on college campuses: allowing students and teachers […]

Government as a Conspiracy of the Rich – Utopia

In Utopia, Thomas More argues that governments are a conspiracy of the rich to control the poor: “Therefore I must say that, as I hope for mercy, I can have no other notion of all the other governments that I see or know, than that they are a conspiracy of the rich, who, on pretence […]

5 Biggest Health Myths That You Haven’t Heard Before

Health and fitness has to be right up there with religion on the stupid-bullshit-ometer. Much of the drivel belched forth by health and fitness magazines, tv shows books and websites these days is not only inaccurate, it’s dangerously misleading. Yesterday I saw a so-called “personal trainer” showing an 8-year-old how to do squats, incorrectly, at […]