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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ski-Doo Spontaneously Explodes – Not a Warranty Issue (PICS)

In the small, northern town of Hopedale, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, lives one of my closest friends: a school teacher named Jon Garland. Jon is not very happy. He’s not very happy because, on March 25th, 2008, Jon Garland’s Bombardier 2006 Expedition 550 Ski-Doo Exploded. And here’s the best part: when Jon first called Bombardier, […]

Top 10 Stupid Laws You’ll Find Almost Everywhere

10. Opening on a Religious Holiday Why should Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, the non-religious, etc. close their businesses for Christmas and Easter? This goes against separation of church and state, and freedom from religious discrimination. 9. Jaywalking If there are no cars, who cares what color the light is? If the light says walk, but a […]

Obama: Missing the Point or Playing Dumb?

Recently, Barrack Obama argued that homophobia was unchristian. This is another one of these “New Stupid” things I’ve been talking about. Here’s an analysis of anti-gay bible verses from the old and new testaments. It gives both pro- and anti-gay interpretations of each controversial verse. I think the anti-gay interpretations are clearly closer to the […]

Redefining Food: A Radical Proposal to Reduce Obesity

Every time I visit the United States I am reminded of just how massive the obesity problem is. It’s time to start getting creative about addressing this issue. One problem, believe it or not, is that people don’t seem to know which foods are bad for them. Here’s a radical idea: how about we try […]