Take No Prisoners

5 MORE Reasons Not To Trust the Police

Further to last week’s list of 5 reasons not to trust the police (and the nazi-esque comments that ensued), I can’t help but provide a few more.

6. They can turn off the cameras. Apparently, if prisoners don’t cooperate, the police can turn off the security cameras before beating the living shit out of said prisoners. Take this woman in Louisiana, for instance, who’s denied her right to a phone call and a lawyer. The cop turns off the camera. Shortly thereafter the prisoner is on the floor in a pool of her own blood. She slipped, they say. Riiiiiight.

7. They can remove your clothes “for your own safety”. In this video, you can see 7 officers, male and female, pin a handcuffed woman to the floor of her cell and strip her naked. It wasn’t a strip search though, because male officers aren’t allowed to strip search a female prisoner. What the fuck is it then? If these weren’t cops in this video, they’d be on trial for attempted gang rape. I’m going to make this simple. If a gang of cops ever sexually assaulted my wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, etc, they’ll end up like this guy. Oh, and that woman in the video was left naked in her cell for six hours afterwards.

8. Your recourse to police misconduct is the totally screwed up legal system. Even in cases where the defendant gets the death penalty, cases where you would think the case is airtight, two thirds turned out to be screwed up in some serious way or other. Liebman’s study is just one indication of the increasingly screwed up legal systems in western countries. Good luck getting justice on anything, let alone police misconduct. Which brings me to:

9. Police treat tasers like water pistols. Seriously, the number of deaths by tasers is ridiculous. The taser is not a sensible weapon for police, as I’ve discussed before.

10. The Rampart Scandal. The Rampart Scandal proves two interesting things. 1) a conspiracy among a large number of police officers is possible (over 70 in this case). 2) Police are not punished for their crimes. Some of these motherfuckers SHOT people unprovoked. If I shoot someone, I go to jail. If a cop shoots someone, eh, he gets suspended.

Again, let me emphasize that there’s lots of good police officers out there. I’ve met several. But there’s also some real assholes. Therefore, it’s not wise to trust someone just because they’re in uniform.