Take No Prisoners

Putin Rigs Election, Named Person of the Year by Time Magazine.

Time magazine recently named Vladamir Putin Person of the Year.

Say What?

Is this the same Russian president that had the leader of an opposing party, chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov, thrown in jail for protesting without permission and chanting antigovernment slogans?

Is this the same Putin who threw democratic standards out the proverbial window and, quite transparently rigged his re-election?

Is this the same Putin who has steadily increased control of the media to manipulate public opinion?

No. Fuck That.

So as of now, I’m taking nominations for the People’s Choice, Person of the Year.

Just write your nomination in the comments section. I will aggregate the results and then we’ll have a vote. Only one nomination is needed to get on the list.

Note: Do not nominate Ron Paul or any other american presidential candidate. If one of them wins the election, s/he might qualify, but right now they’re just campaigning, and their effect is mostly limited to the US.

Edit: see here for more evidence of Russian election rigging