Take No Prisoners

Combating Obesity Through Luggage Restrictions

Here is a collection of questions that have bothered me lately:

Why is it that when a 250lbs. person and 100lbs. person buy airline tickets, they both have the same weight limit on their luggage?

If the Golden Compass is being pulled from school libraries for being anti-Christian, shouldn’t most biology, physics, chemistry, geology, neuroscience and modern philosophy books have to go too? Not to mention the Koran, and the history of the world, years 1 to 2008 AD?

Why is it that if download a movie like Transformers, the MPAA tries to sue you for thousands of dollars, but you can buy an official copy of that same DVD for three dollars in China? Didn’t you only cost them $3 by not buying it?

If religious leaders can force “Intelligent Design” into science class, shouldn’t science leaders get a say in what’s taught in religion class?

Why is drinking in public illegal (in Canada anyway) while smoking in public is legal, when its secondhand smoke that can kill you?

Why is the penalty for infanticide (killing your own baby) lower than the penalty for killing some asshole who’s harassed you for years?

If tasering people is a form of torture, aren’t police leaders war criminals?