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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Judgment-Impairing Drugs

This post continues the series on solving the drug problem, which begins here. The most recent segment differentiated between drug uses that affect surrounding people, such as smoking tobacco, and ones that do not, such as popping morphine pills. We found that drugs that affect surrounding people should be banned in public places and in […]

Putin Rigs Election, Named Person of the Year by Time Magazine.

Time magazine recently named Vladamir Putin Person of the Year. Say What? Is this the same Russian president that had the leader of an opposing party, chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov, thrown in jail for protesting without permission and chanting antigovernment slogans? Is this the same Putin who threw democratic standards out the proverbial window and, […]

Critical Factors of Blog Advertising: Expertise, Intent and Involvement

I don’t blog for the money, but for those who do, purported online marketing gurus provide a proliferation of epistemically baseless, if not bogus, advice. I prefer recommendations with some data behind them. Recent research presented at the International Conference on Information Systems may be of interest. Researchers June Zhu and Bernard Tan of the […]

Solving the Drug Problem: Private, Public and Business Usage.

In the first post in this series, I discussed the essence of the drug problem, and determined that the real problem is a conflict between: The right to choose how to live one’s own life. The responsibility not to cause harm to others. The unfortunate reality that use of and addiction to various drugs causes […]

Combating Obesity Through Luggage Restrictions

Here is a collection of questions that have bothered me lately: Why is it that when a 250lbs. person and 100lbs. person buy airline tickets, they both have the same weight limit on their luggage? If the Golden Compass is being pulled from school libraries for being anti-Christian, shouldn’t most biology, physics, chemistry, geology, neuroscience […]