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Monthly Archives: November 2007

How to Bypass Facebook Photo Security… by editing the URL?

It turns out that Facebook’s idea of security is bullshit. Besides all the recent problems with 3rd party apps, you can also bypass photo security be simply deleting one of the URL parameters. Basically, if you look at a picture in an album, and you want to see the other pics in that album, but […]

A Novel Solution to the Drug Problem – part 2

In my previous post I explained the true drug problem. I differentiated the symptoms from the underlying pathology by defining “the drug problem” as a conflict between: The right to choose how to live one’s own life. The responsibility not to cause harm to others. The unfortunate reality that use of and addiction to various […]

Bring me Hookers and Blow! A Novel Solution to the Drug Problem

Part 1: What is the Drug Problem? Everyone talks about the drug problem, but what exactly is the problem? We all know the symptoms. Symptoms of the Drug Problem Screwed up drug policy. Extremely dangerous drugs can be bought in the grocery store (e.g. nutmeg) while comparatively benign drugs can land you in prison (i.e. […]

Macho Men vs. Real Men: Top 15 Differences

I haven’t been posting lately because I’ve been at a family reunion. Luckily, the reunion has given me a few posts’ worth of unexpected material. To begin, I am sick and tired of macho men who don’t know dick all about what it takes to be a real man. Allow me to elaborate: Macho men […]