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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Dear Police, stop carrying tasers (carry a big stick instead)

Have you been following this story of a man who was tasered to death at Vancouver airport? This is just one of a rash of taser incidents across North America in the past few months, including the highly-publicized incidents at the John Kerry speech and involving the death of a 56-year-old disabled woman in a […]

Top 7 Ways of REALLY not Supporting the Troops

One of the most effective ways of restraining civil dissent and quelling criticism of government is to argue that any form of criticism of, or even open debate about, government policies is somehow unpatriotic or treason. This same strategy manifests itself in some religions where questioning or thinking critically about religious institutions is supposedly sinful. […]

Top 32 reasons to buy less stuff

Western society faces a powerful cultural meme, propagated by governments and corporations alike, that buying things creates happiness. Sure, some material goods can bring some measure of happiness, some of the time. However, most everything sold by the Walmarts of our world will bring you no more lasting joy than a kick in the balls. […]

The War on Bullshit Reviews: The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom is a three-part BBC TV documentary turned feature film that is currently touring the festival circuit (and available on youtube). Yesterday I caught this three-hour montage by Adam Curtis at the Vancouver International Film Festival. I have mixed feelings about this film. It’s production and editing […]