Take No Prisoners

Top Skills Wanted by Agile Employers

I’ve often read lists like this one, that suggest the skills IT employers want. Well, today at the Agile Vancouver conference, a room full of agile development employers was asked what they look for. I was expecting “machine learning,” “security,” “mobile applications,” and maybe “artificial intelligence.” Nope.

Here is the list they gave:

  • Understanding principles of object oriented development
  • Conceptual understanding of relational databases
  • Knowledge of [design] patterns
  • Ability to think abstractly
  • Basic accounting
  • Understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Ability to prototype to the correct level
  • I’m not making any claims about the generalizability of this list. I’m just throwing it out there to let you know that maybe some of those popular lists floating about the web are not consistent with what one room full of presidents, CEOs and team leaders spent an hour and a half discussing.